Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Record Player

Hello my Dolls,

Now I would like to share with you something very special with you,

My record player.

Mine is a original, un-restored 1963 Danstte Major Deluxe 21 in red. For something that is 52 years old, its surviving pretty well. It currently has no scuffs or damage to the body, only some yellowing to the white parts due to it being in the sun and the 78RMP needle did break off (whoops @ my part to play in that). but apart from this, its near perfect. Sounding wise, as you could imagine it dose sound somewhat grainy/fuzzy/crackly and all that fun stuff what comes with a old turntable but I feel like this adds to the reason why I love it as to me music is appose to sound raw, you're appose to hear the imperfections and make it apart of the listening experience. This was given to me for free, from my granddad who had no more use of it but I have seen these modals for around about £200-£350+ depending on the quality of the exact model.

As it is a 'stacker' Its going to pretty big with the dimensions being 38cmx45cmx24cm.

This is the underside of the over. The flower was from the bouquet of flowers what was in my Nannys casket so every time I go to play something I can remember her. Then i have my ticket from when I saw Jake Bugg. then I have my little drawing of John Lennon and a Arctic Monkeys sticker.

Where the magic happens ;)
Obviously it has four speeds.
The two knobs on the front control the tune and the volume.

Peace and Love
Connie x

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