Saturday, 23 May 2015

How I got into my music

Hello my dolls,

Happy eurovsion night!
I've been meaning to write the next three posts for a while no but to much 'revision' has kept me from them but I've finally got round to them!

I didn't choose the music life,
The music life chose me.
The first band I got into was arctic monkeys. The first time I herd them was at a family friends 50th where they had played I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor and When The Sun Goes Down. I instantly fell in love with those two songs I had them constantly on repeat for the next couple of months but I didn't think you listen to any more songs by them, to be perfectly honest I don't even take notice to who sung them.

Then I listened to Do I Wanna Know but I didn't connect that they were sung by the same band. Then I saw Alex turners Brit accepting speech for album of the year 2014 (that rock and roll) then it clicked in my mind that it was the band I was vaguely listening to.

I was instantly amazed by Alex Turner his way with words (and his face). So I listened to AM to see what all the hype was about.Lets just say the hype was worth it. I listened to most more of their stuff, mostly Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not and saw them on tumblr and that was basically it. I was infatuated with them.

Then I saw some more bands on tumblr (like Vampire Weekend) and herd more on the radio (like Green Day). Then I saw one girl on tumblr blogging about the Beatles a lot so I listened to them more then it was a downwards spiral with YouTube suggestions and accidentally walking into records stores and walking out with an addiction to buying vinyl,more to come on that later.Dads buying vinyl of bands I've never herd of (i.e led Zeppelin) Xfm and NME playing new bands, and just friends telling me about their music taste.

Peace and love

Connie x

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