Friday, 22 May 2015

I wish, I wish

Hello my dolls,

As a writing task in school to practice for our up coming exam was to write a short piece on this title(i wish i wish) . What some of you don't know is I consider myself a flower-child; a young person rejecting conventional society and advocating love peace and simple idealistic values. This what I based my peace on. Peace and love.

All we are saying is give peace a chance. Once famously sung John Lennon. That's my wish, peace, like so many others, is giving peace a chance. A chance to thrive under love and kindness. A chance to blossom with kindness and the feeling of togetherness.

I feel that no reason is need to justify my wish. I feel there is no reason for peace apart form the thing I'm trying to find a reason for. Why should we have to justify our love for one and other? Why should we have to give excuses for peace? We shouldn't. Instead we should be asking the question who is not asking for peace? Who is not wanting harmony within our world?

How are we going to find this tranquility I hear you and so many others cry? I cannot tell you that unfortunately. Some might say just stop dropping bombs. That is a solution, yes. But when have the government listened to us?

In my opinion peace starts from the inside. We can start this breakaway from what we've expected as normal. How is dropping bombs considered socially normal?

To start your own revolution you can start ignoring the negativity, block it out by building a metaphorical wall to protect your mind. Don't complain for a whole twenty four hours and see how it can improve your life in the long run. Smile at a strangers and wear daises in your hair. Dance like no one is watching and lip sync to your favorite song. Fall asleep on the grass and compliment at least one person a day. As soon as you start being more positive you will see others around you follow suit. How can you preach peace in the outside world when it is a battle ground in your mind? A never ending fight with your own negative fights?

We have the power to make this whole peace thing work.
It's sad to say the government can't step up to the plate and advocate peace.
So It's up to us.
Why Don't we start now instead of waiting?

Peace and love
Connie x

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