Sunday, 10 May 2015

My first review!

Hello my dolls,
And happy Sunday!

I won a twitter competition the other day hosted by @TheSoundGallery on twitter for a carbon fiber cleaner to remove static and dust from vinyl records. 

I've never seen an issue with static, until now that is. I've always assumed the crackling in my records is caused by how old my turntable is, given it is original to 1963 there is going to be some but it has drastically improved since I have cleaned my records using this brush.

In my opinion new records seem to collect more dust and static than older ones. For example my original pressing of 'The Song Remains The Same' by Led Zeppelin has no dust nor static on it where as my copy of 'What Ever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not' by Arctic Monkeys seems to collect tones of dust. Below are the before and after photos on What Ever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not; 

This is before I used my carbon fiber brush on my record, considering this was only brought in November, its pretty dusty

This is after I had used my Carbon fiber bush, My crappy i-phone photography skills don't really do it any justice but all the dust has gone, and the crackling has reduced big time.

With a few quick sweeps over your records (I personally done it starting from the wind out groves then brushing outwards) will be back to top playing condition! The inly thing i would be careful of is to not catch the ends of the brush on your record as this may end up scratching them .

This can be purchased from Here

Peace and love,
Connie x

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